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At the Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind, we strive to be the leading advocacy and peer support network for individuals and their families living in Lehigh and Northampton counties who are living with blindness or visual impairments.  Our mission is to encourage people who are blind or visually impaired to seek independence through education and employment, through the learning of blindness skills, and through personal and social adjustment. We want to continue to be recognized as the leading advocacy organization in the Lehigh Valley for people with visual impairments in the areas of education, employment, transportation and accessibility. The aim of all our activities is to encourage people to achieve their potential as valued members of society.

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2023 LVCB Officers

President:  Elizabeth Oleksa

Vice President: Debbie Rozear

Recording Secretary: Elaine Young

Corresponding Secretary: Dianne Michels 

Treasurer: Jameel Memon

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Team Talk


The Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind typically holds our chapter meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month, with some exceptions.  The majority of our meetings are held at the "Sights for Hope" located at 845 W Wyoming St. Allentown PA, 18103.  We graciously thank Sights for Hope for allowing us to use their space to hold our meetings.    Our meeting times are usually 10 am to 12 noon, with quarterly lunch meetings from 10 am to 1 pm.  Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested in attending.  

Dates of 2023 Meetings:

-January 21st, 2023 (10a-Noon)

-February 18th, 2023 (10a-Noon)

-March 18th, 2023 (10a-1p Lunch)

-April 15th (10a-Noon)

-May 20th, 2023 (10a-Noon)

-June 17th, 2023 (10a-1p Lunch)


-August (TBA Picnic)

-September 16th, 2023 (10a-1p Lunch)

-October 21st, 2023 (10a-Noon)

-November 18th, 2023 (10a-Noon 2024 Elections)

-December (TBA 11a-2p Winter Luncheon)

***Please check back to our website and Facebook page regularly for any additional updates.*** 

*If there should be inclement weather or you are unable to physically attend a meeting in person, feel free to access our monthly LVCB meeting via telephone, please call 605-475-4860.  When prompted, please enter the following access code followed by #.  The access code is 352206#.  Our meetings will follow the third Saturday of the month schedule beginning at 10 am unless otherwise specified.  Please check out our Facebook page (LVCB1993) for updated meeting information.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the meetings, please reach out through our email,  Thank you for your understanding and adherence to keeping all of our members safe and healthy according to CDC guidelines.*

Any financial correspondence or donations should be sent to the following:

Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind

c/o Jameel Memon, Treasurer

1626 West Union Blvd

Bethlehem PA, 18018

Any other written correspondence should be sent to the following:

Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind

c/o Elizabeth Oleksa, President

6824 Lincoln Drive

Macungie PA, 18062

Our meetings start with light refreshments and peer socialization, hold our meeting, take a break partway through, finish the meeting, then continue socialization amongst attendees.  Any questions, feel free to contact us.

Taking Notes


LVCB President calls the meeting to order:

Recording Secretary reads the LVCB Mission Statement: (our mission statement can be found at the top of our website)

ATTENDANCE: (Attendance of all current paid members of LVCB is taken)

 Guests in attendance: (any guests in attendance are recorded present at this time)

Secretary’s report: (discussion on the past months meeting minutes.  Any adjustments or changes needed to be documented?  A motion is then made by a LVCB member, then a second motion is made to accept the minutes and move to the next section of the meeting.)

TREASURER'S REPORT: (The LVCB Treasurer gives a detailed report of the past months incoming and outgoing financial funds.  If no adjustments need to be made, A motion is then made by a LVCB member, then a second motion is made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read and move to the next section of the meeting)

CORRESPONDENCE: (Any incoming or outgoing correspondences are discussed)

PRESIDENT'S REPORT (At this time, the LVCB President discusses any specific information that is to be presented from both the State and National levels of PCB and ACB.  Additional information may be shared her as to up-coming events, guest speakers, outreach, activities, etc.,)


MEMBER CARE: (This month’s LVCB member birthdays, illness or recovery of members, etc.)

ADVOCACY: (At this point in the meeting, any issues or ideas concerning advocacy for Blindness and Visual Impairments are discussed.  This may also include community out-reach efforts.)

FUNDRAISING: (Any current fundraising efforts are discussed during this section of the meeting.)

HOSPITALITY: (Typically, when an in-person meeting is held, snacks are provided for all members by volunteer LVCB members.  These members are thanked, then a reminder of who has signed up for snack for our next meeting are announced.)

Membership: (Any new LVCB memberships are announced.  Any changes within our LVCB chapter regarding membership are also discussed.  New ideas to enhance present membership status may be mentioned here.)

Publicity and Programming: (Any new ideas for out-reach, guest speakers, community presentations, getting involved with LVCB.)

 TECHNOLOGY: (Facebook, Instagram, LVCB e-mail and LVCB website are reviewed.)


CVL: (Any information pertinent to the Center for Vision Loss is discussed.  Activities, events, programs, etc.)

LVCIL: (Any information regarding the Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living is discussed here.  Activities, events, programs, etc.)

EASTON COACH and LANTA: (Updates to transportation and upcoming meetings are reviewed.)

OLD BUSINESS: (Any old ideas for reviewing)

NEW BUSINESS: (Any new ideas not discussed during the meeting for further discussion at a later meeting.)

Questions from the floor?  (Any member questions or comments can be asked at this time.)

Adjournment: (A motion is made by a member of LVCB to close our meeting for that day.  A second motion is then made, and the meeting is labeled as adjourned.)

If you would like to learn more about one of the Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind monthly meetings, feel free to join us, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this website.  You may also e-mail us with specific questions at:

Laptop & Coffee


To become a member of LVCB, you do not need to be blind or visually impaired.  individuals who are fully sighted are highly encouraged to also join.  To become an officer on the executive board, (President, Vice President), you must be legally blind or above. For any other officer position, you can be sighted to hold these offices. 
Membership dues are paid yearly, $20.  These member dues give you access to LVCB, PCB, and ACB.  In addition to becoming a member, you will be given access to exclusive member-only perks.  (These may include, but are not limited to: Affiliate mailings in your preferred reading format, member email listserves, chapter/state/national conferences and events, and more).  Come out to experience one of our awesome meetings, having the opportunities to meet and interact with an incredible group of people.  Check out our Facebook page for current and upcoming events held by our chapter.

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Where we can be found throughout the community.


August 25th, 2021

 LVCB Member, Debbie Rozear, and her Seeing Eye guide dog, Virgil, met up with the Seeing Eye Lehigh County Puppy Raiser Club.  For this adventure, all in attendance visited the Saucon Valley Fire Rescue.  Puppies and Raisers were introduced to new noises and sights that may be encountered, once working as a guide dog. The full article can be read by clicking the following link:

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Without Sight

Written by: Elizabeth Oleksa

(C) 2019.  All Rights Reserved

Living in a darkness,

Searching for light.

In midst of isolation,

Comes sadness and fright.

A lost and helpless feeling,

Of hopelessness and despair.

What is the point in living?

In a world so unfair.

Reaching for support,

Through every twist and turn.

Feeling the way around,

A new way to learn.

A wanting for comfort,

Some help there to find.

Thoughts of going crazy,

Begin to overwhelm the mind.

Hearing a kind word,

The offering of a helping hand.

Gives peace and comfort,

So, few people truly understand.

But somewhere in life,

There are others like me.

Others who live their lives,

Without being able to see.

No sight in their eyes,

But a light in their heart.

A vision for the future,

A brand-new place to start.

Experiences of living,

Just everyday lives,

Guidance on finding,

A beautiful journey without eyes.

It is a huge misunderstanding,

For what so many think they know.

Even without sight,

A proud life I do show.

No shame in loss of eye-sight,

Allow me to set the tone.

Advocating for those who cannot see,

To let them know they are not alone.

For I, myself was once there too,

Not knowing which way to go.

With support and guidance to help me through,

My life’s purpose began to show.

Fight through the hard times,

You can make it out on top.

Never give up on trying,

It is not time to stop.

For life has just begun,

Although a new path it may be.

There is so much worth living for,

And for that you don’t need eyes to see.

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Audio Description Project of America (A collective list of audio described video streaming service series, shows, & movies)


Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BBVS)

Phone: 570-826-2361



Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL)

Phone: 610-770-9781

Center for Vision Loss (CVL)

Phone: 610-433-6018

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Phone: 1-800-242-0586

Freedom Scientific (Developer of JAWS)


Phone: 1-727-803-8000

Learning Ally


Phone: 1-800-221-4792

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

Phone: 717-787-5244




An excellent website with over 650 blindness-related resources:

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The Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind is an affiliate of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind, an affiliate of American Council of the Blind.
LVCB is a 501C3, non-profit organization.
Any information provided on this website is current and valid to the best of our knowledge.  If there are any concerns or issues with our site, please contact us immediately using the contact information provided above. 
This website is not actively monitored and will be updated with any changes, at a minimum, quarterly.

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845 W Wyoming St. Allentown PA, 18103

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